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Flame testing according to DIN EN 12881-1, procedure B


Flame testing according to DIN EN 12881-1, method B, with double burner is performed on a 4000 mm-long test specimen of the DOKS®-Spezial VI fabric. The flames are applied from both sides of the fabric.

With a flame exposure time of 10 minutes, the DOKS®-Spezial VI fabric burns only in the area directly in contact with the flames. The fabric immediately behind the burner frame remains fully intact and undamaged. No fire propagation on the tissue can be observed. The flames go out immediately after the burner is shut off.

Sample test result
Length of the test specimen at the beginning: 4000 mm
Complete inflammation of the tissue across the full width: YES
after-burning time: 00:00 mm:ss
after-glow time: 00:00 mm:ss
Undamaged length: 3200 mm
flame exposure time: 10 minutes
gas consumption: 2,6 Kg
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