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Fabrics and geotextiles for industry and civil engineering

Our fabrics and geotextiles in different qualities are used for a wide variety of purposes. They are used, for instance, as textile formwork in earthworks and civil engineering and even for the prevention of electrostatic charging in industrial applications.

The range of variants is virtually unlimited and dependent on the technical requirements of our customers.

We supply the following fabrics:

  • polypropylene fabric (PP fabric)
  • nylon fabric (PA fabric)
  • Jute fabric

  • strengths up to 250 kN/m
  • grammages ranging up to 1000 g/m²
  • fabric widths up to 2000 mm (woven)
  • fabric widths greater than 2000 mm (ready-made)
as round and flat fabric.

Flame testing according to

nach DIN EN 12881-1

  • coated
  • uncoated
  • antistatic
  • conductive
  • flame-retardant
  • strengths  up to 250 kN/m
  • grammages  ranging up to 1000 g/m²
  • fabric widths up to 2000 mm
available also in combinations
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