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WaTa® water bag

WaTa® water bag
for constructive explosion protection

The patented WaTa® water bag is an innovative explosion protection in the coal and lignite mining industries. The constructive explosion protection with water bags serves the purpose of reducing the serious consequences of an underground explosion to an absolute minimum with the aim of saving human lives and of protecting the roadway system and the mechanical equipment from destruction.

This cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative to conventional stone dust barriers, dust shelves or water troughs has been in use for many years now with great success in the international mining industry. The extinguishing efficiency of this system has been proved in extensive explosion tests carried out in surface and underground testing facilities and galleries.

Due to varying roadway cross sections we offer the WaTa® water bag in sizes ranging from 10 to 40 litres.

The company Dr. Klaus Schulte GmbH is the holder of numerous international permits and certificates of approval. Our WaTa® water bags are used or presented in the following countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Bosnia, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, China, India.

The video gives an impression of the dangers of an underground explosion and demonstrates the extinguishing efficiency of the water bag.

This is how the WaTa® water bag works

The fire-damp or coal dust explosions triggered by external or self-ignition hit the nearest explosion barrier of WaTa® water bags. The pressure resulting from the blast destroys the water bags and disperses the water contained over the full cross section of the roadway. The flame following the blast runs into the "wall of water mist" thus erected and is extinguished immediately. An extensive network of this type of water barriers in the mine prevents explosions from spreading out into other mine structures or roadways.


The specially developed plastic foil ensures a perfectly timed, target-oriented and extinction-efficient bursting behaviour of the WaTa® water bag.

  • antistatic / conductive (< 10⁷ ohm) special plastic foil
  • high extinction efficiency
  • flame-retardant (e.g. LOI > 27 %)
  • tear propagation resistance: < 250 g
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