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DOKS® plastic netting

DOKS® plastic netting
for protection against rockfall

The DOKS® plastic net serves as a protection against rockfall in deep mining and tunnel construction work. It is installed under the roof and at the face and offers safe protection against loose rocks due to its high resistance to tear.

The elastic and flexible plastic net is perfectly suited to serve as an anchor mat for lining work in underground mining and tunnelling applications, especially in the case of uneven roofs and sidewalls. It is thus an economical and safe alternative to conventional securing practice with steel netting. Due to the very low weight and flexible widths the plastic net is easy to transport and to handle. The coating of the highly resistant fabric satisfies all requirements for underground use. Due to its high resistance against chemicals and salt solutions the plastic net finds application also in salt mines, potash mines, deep geological repository and in waste disposal site.

Our DOKS® plastic nets are available in any desired width and length. The nets can be delivered even in the smallest quantities.

Accessories for fastening: The DOKS®-I anchor plate made of lightweight plastic is self-locking and enables a material-friendly fastening.

  • elastic
  • flexible widths (1200- 5000 mm)
  • low weight
  • high tear resistance (up to 200 kN)
  • antistatic
  • hygienic
  • corrosion-resistant
  • flame-retardant
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