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Technical Films

Technical films for industry and civil engineering/deep mining

Our technical films meet the highest demands and are used in all branches of the industry as, for instance, the paint and varnish industry or the engineering industry. For underground mining constructions we supply films approved for underground applications. Our films are distinguished by their physical and especially their thermal properties. In order to be suitable for the intended use, the films are modified by the admixture of the corresponding additives.

Our range of supply comprises the following types of films:

  • flat films
  • flat bags
  • tubular films
  • gusseted film
  • shrink films
  • special films made to customer specification

  • antistatic
  • conductive
  • flame-retardant
  • mine hygiene safe
  • film thickness up to 500µ
  • film width up to 8000 mm
available also in combinations
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