DOKS® fabric tubes/DOKS® fabric cushions
for supporting and sealing tasks

DOKS® fabric tubes and DOKS® fabric cushions are used in the mining and tunnel construction sector and for applications in special deep mining. They serve as supporting and sealing elements and as textile formwork. DOKS® tubes and cushions are used for roadway headings, extraction workings and for special measures such as ventilation sealing, ring space sealing and for repair work in hydraulic structures. For the support of artificially created cavities, the DOKS® fabric supporting prop is used in different sizes and depending on roof thickness with or without reinforcement. Due to different fabric qualities, the supporting and sealing tubes can be produced in an almost unlimited variety and depending on the technical requirements of our customers.


DOKS® products can be supplied in various dimensions.

They are available even in small quantities and numbers.


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